How To Survive The Holidays Without Over Eating

The holiday season is always a fun time, but for many, it is very chaotic and even stressful. Probably the most common response to stress is overeating. We often do not even realize that we are doing it. Many find the demands of black Friday shopping, cyber Monday shopping, all of the holiday parties and even family obligations to be overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed then consider these 5 simple steps to reduce and even conquer your fear of holiday binge eating.


5 simple steps to reduce and even conquer your fear of holiday binge eating:

1. Plan ahead

2. Try to skip the appetizers

3. Start small

4. Eat slower than normal

5. Beware of the desserts

Plan Ahead: Most holiday meals are planned well in advance so there are no surprises. Eat lighter and cleaner for a few meals before the big one. Also, remember from my last blog,  you can enjoy a zero calorie beverage like iced tea (without the sugar) or water.  

Try to skip the appetizers: Sure have some, but not all of them.

Start small: Try a small amount of the things you would like to eat. You can always go back for more, but the more you put on your plate to begin with the more you are likely to eat.

Eat slower than normal: Enjoy the conversation and eat slower than you would normally eat. Your stomach will fill up and you will notice it. Sometimes when you eat too fast you don’t even realize it until you feel as stuffed as the turkey you just ate.

Beware of the desserts: If you know you are going to have some dessert, then follow all of the steps above and enjoy a little bit.