Lower Back Pain From The Chiropractic Perspective


Approximately 80% of the US population suffers with lower back pain at least once during their lifetime.


– Herniated discs – when the disc becomes week and rips or tears open some material can leak out. If this material puts pressure on a nerve or the spinal cord itself, then you can experience a lot of pain. Sometimes it affects the sciatic nerve and runs down the back of the leg causing pain.

– Strains – Pulling a muscle due to strenuous activity and or overuse due to repetitive activities.

– Degenerative discs – the disc narrows between the vertebrae.

– There are many more causes of lower back pain. Some are more serious than those listed and this is why you should visit your Chiropractor, so they can find out the exact cause.


The spine is made up of 24 freely movable vertebrae (bones) with discs in between each bone, except in the upper neck (cervical) region. Discs are soft cartilage that acts as spacers between the bones in our spine. Most people refer to the discs as shock absorbers, but this is not entirely true. The actual curve acts more like the shock absorber. When the curve is increased and or decreased is how the discs get too much stress/pressure upon them and they start to wear (degenerate) and may even bulge or herniate. Most doctors tell patients that as they age their discs wear away which is referred to as degenerative disc disease. This age related/wear and tear analogy is partially correct. Let me explain.

If a man age 59 walks into my office with lower back pain and the  x-rays show a degenerative disc at L5/S1 yet the other lumbar disc have no degeneration then how can you explain that it is age related. Are not all of this man’s discs the same age?  It has to be care related. If this same 59 year old man has been under chiropractic care and the joint never had a chance to lock up and have less motion than it should then he would not have degeneration in that disc. How do I know that you ask? Well 20 years in practice and looking at thousands of x-rays will prove that theory. Most degenerative discs are more care related versus age related.

Things to do

Whenever you have lower back pain then go visit your Chiropractor. Be proactive with your health care. It is actually cheaper in the long run to stay healthy than it is to get healthy. When patients come into my office they get a comprehensive consultation, exam and even x-rays if needed. We figure out what is actually causing your lower back pain and develop a customized plan to fix it. Give us a call today and stop suffering from that lower back pain.