What are they? Any pain in the head. There are many different types. Headaches may be common, but they are definitely not normal.

◘ About 50% of adults experience headaches each year.

◘ Some reports show that nine out of ten Americans have experienced headaches in their lifetime.

◘ 5% of headaches are warning signals caused by an underlying disease. This is why you have a Doctor check it out.

◘ 95% are not. This is why you go to the Doctor for help.

How can Chiropractic care help headaches?

◘ Reports show that spinal manipulation can be an effective treatment for headaches that stem from the neck and also tension headaches.

◘ Another report found that spinal manipulation provides almost immediate improvement for headaches that start in the neck.

◘ Four weeks of chiropractic care has also provided headache sufferers with longer lasting relief from tension type headaches than prescription medicine another report shows.

What are the treatment options?

All medicines have side effects. There is a whole isle of medication devoted to treating headaches or just covering up the symptoms. While this approach is cheap, it has a drastic effect on your liver and kidneys.

Spinal manipulation has remarkably fewer side effects than prescription medicine. Chiropractic adjustments also correct the underlying cause of most headaches. Chiropractors will focus on helping any neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction causing your headache.

Why do they happen?

There can be Triggers such as stress.

◘ Physical stress-accidents, injuries and trauma, Muscle tension in the neck from sitting at a desk all day.

◘ Chemical stress-caffeine, chocolate, sodas, high salt/ high sugar foods, alcohol and smoking.

◘ Emotional stress-worry, financial, kids, traffic and deadlines.

What are you going to do about it?

◘ Get up and stretch after sitting for long periods of time.

◘ Try exercises such as walking, treadmill, elliptical and low impact exercises.

◘ Get a bite guard if you clench your teeth.

◘ Drink more water to prevent dehydration.

◘ Get your posture checked by your Chiropractor.

◘ They may perform a Chiropractic adjustment to help get your joints moving again.

◘ Ask your Chiropractor what changes you can do at home and at work to help with your ergonomics. Also ask about any exercise that can help alleviate the muscular tension in the neck/upper back.

Whenever you have headaches then go visit your Chiropractor. Be proactive with your health care. If you are sick and tired of suffering with those headaches then give us a call. When patients come into my office they get a comprehensive consultation and exam and even x-rays if needed. We figure out what is actually causing your headaches and develop a customized plan to fix it. Give us a call today and stop suffering from those headaches.